Beauty On The Block

We recently had the immense pleasure of teaming up with In His Image Hair Studio of Trenton NJ to serve the local community in a very unique way. Owners and Operator, Antonio and Diane Bellamy opened their salon to the homeless and less fortunate to provide free hair styling, clothing, food, gift bags filled with personal hygiene products and a portrait of themselves as a reminder of how beautiful they all are. In addition to us, In His Image Studios partnered with The Salvation Army, Zera Hayes Foundation and My Good Stuff For Less Thrift Store to make this amazing act of kindness and love a success.


Not finished yet. Just didn't wanna risk losing what I've done so far


The aim was to remind these women, that although they are currently having a hard time, they are no less beautiful, important, lovely or loved than they've ever been! It was such a blessing to be able to witness the pure joy on everyone's faces once their makeover was complete. I'll never forget the expression of one young woman as she emerged from the changing room, smiling ear to ear she said: "I look like a totally different person! I feel amazing!"

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Mother & Son Maternity Shoot

I'm so in love with these photos, I can't even express my excitement. I kept telling Ahmed (hubby), that I always wanted a high fashion maternity shoot. Unfortunately the camera guy was Ahmed so he couldn't be in the photos, but will you look at these beautiful memories I'll have forever. I mean REALLY! It was a birthday gift from him so he was willing to sacrifice being in the photos.

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Chinasa & Brandon at Terhune Orchard

Hey guys! Here are a few images from a recent couples shoot we did at Terhune Orchard located in Princeton NJ. As a photographer I'm always looking for beautiful locations that have unique character, that's why I chose this local farm. Although this particular day was packed with loads of pumpkin picking families, we were able to find semi-secluded locations to capture the love between Chinasa & Brandon.

The first time I ever photographed Chinasa was way back in November of 2014. I just had to photographer her for our Beauty Campaign. After that we photographed she and Brandon for our Couple's Christmas Shoot and the rest is history. I love being a part of our clients lives as they live and grow. I know that I'm a part of their lives in the most special way, by capturing memories; The one thing we hold with us throughout our lives. BUT even when details escape our memories, beautiful, professional and creative photographic art allow us to continue to enjoy moments that would otherwise be lost, over and over again.

I hope you enjoy these images a much as we enjoyed capturing them!

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Shabrea & Ronald Engagement 2016

I've known Shabrea since middle school; I was an extremely shy, new transfer and she was the first person to talk to me. The beautiful and friendly spirit that first greeted me in middle school is still radiating from her all of these years later! I'm so happy that she met Ronald and that the two of them are so perfect for one another!  The love, joy, and playfulness expressed in these images are absolutely authentic to who they are together!

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A Mother's Strength

Every human needs a break and breath. Inasmuch as it may seem that we are superhuman, at times, we are unfortunately not; Stress and Fatigue are Kryptonite to us all! We've all heard the saying "Happy wife, happy life," but I want to take it a step further and say "Happy Mothers, Happy Others!"

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A Tale As Old As Time

These photos embody who we are. Our hurts. Our struggle. Our perseverance. Our love.  It's who we are... Who we are, right where we are! We exist in photos as a reminder of where we are now so that when we look back we can remember where we came from. #RememberWhoYouAre is not just a hashtag, it's a movement that should be a way of life.

We are The Clarks...  ImperfectFragileHumanHopefulResilient... In LOVE!

Who are you now? Who will you become?

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