DIY last minute Halloween idea

DIY last minute Halloween idea

If you're anything like me, you love the idea of crafts. You're a Pinterestaholic (yes it's a word!), and your favorite saying is "Why buy it, when you can make it!" Am I right? Well, again, if your anything like me your hands are full all the time, (which explains why I'm typing this with one handed while the other hand holds and feeds my son), which is why your Pinterest boards never makes it off web page.

Well today I decided to take a stand, at least for today. I love finding crafts and recreating, so here's something you can try. I got my idea from this beautiful lady, found her first on Craftgwaker my second fav craft site then again on Pinterest. Here is the site. Now for me I did somethings a little different. Nowadays I don't have time to wait for paint to dry so I'm using permeant markers. (Warning: I don't plan to keep this forever, just for Halloween, so I don't know how it'll hold up in the washer). I literally did this in 10 mins. start to finish. Here is what I used: 

 1. Onesie 

2: Clipboard

3: Ruler

4: Scrap paper

5: 3 markers, red, blue, & whatever color you'd like your words to be.

Now for the uber easy steps:

Step 1: Stretch onesie over the clipboard

Step 2: Place scrap paper between onesie and clipboard, this will protect your clipboard from marks

Step 3: Mark 1 inch marks down the shirt for the blue lines 

Step 4: Draw the blue lines, using the blue marker. (be careful to use very little pressure, check out my first blue line, no bueno! But I learned quickly ;) )

Step 5: Draw a red line down the left side of your onesie.

Step 6: Write your message. I chose my son's name.

Step 7: Take super cute pictures of you or your cutie (I plan to make one for me and my husband so we can be a rem of paper for Halloween ;) I thought of putting hole punches but decided against it. I would have used gray fabric)

Try it out! Post your cute pics of your cuties. What did you do differently? Any advice for others? Post in the comment section.

I hope to hear from someone ;) I'm VERY new to this blogging stuff. So give me some encouragement if you like what you see. Like this post, share it on Pinterest, Facebook, Instargram, ANYWHERE and comment below. See you soon creatives!

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