What's life without passion?

Before image of Patrice W

They say every photographer has a preferred subject... and as much as I pride myself on uniqueness and "Out-Of-The-Box-ocity" (Yes... I made that word up lol), I must admit that in this regard, I am no different at all. I, too, have a soft spot for a certain subject type. Who, might you ask, do I most enjoy photographing? Is it the "Cutie Wutie Patootie" little babies, with their adorably inviting, big and blushing cheeks? Or Maybe the Head-Over-Heels, in Love, Bride and Groom just reaming with endless hope and encouragement, excitement and zeal, passion and romance? Or is it the beautiful family... Full of hugs and smiles, laughs and fun, togetherness and sporadic outbursts? As fun and enjoyable as all of these subjects are... There is still one that sits just a little higher and bellows that much louder in the cavities of my heart. This subject is who I see when I look in the mirror... No, it's not me... But... Yes, it is me! :-) WOMEN... Everyday-Wonderful-Busy-Beautiful-Multitasking; Wives, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Friends! I absolutely LOVE to capture the essence of "Womanity!" In so many different shades, shapes, and sizes of sheer AWESOMENESS, I find myself most inspired when photographing women.  

Even inasmuch as I love to photograph women, I find us my most challenging subject.

**Reads Your MInd** "Why are women your most challenging subject?" 

Well... Since you asked (lol), I'll gladly fill you in. As a woman, I know that we are absolutely our toughest critic. We, so often, compare ourselves to other women. The neighbor... The friend... The girl at the gym... The cashier at the grocery store... Couple that with the fact that women are the #1 marketing subject in the world and now we compare ourselves to complete strangers... Many of whom are artificially and unrealistically "pretty."

Patrice sometimes you just need a reminder

So I have and am setting out to go to war, so-to-speak, against... Well... You. Me. Us! Why You? Me? Us, you ask? Because the loudest voice is always the one in our heads. Many voices are persuading our perception of ourselves and I desperately want to redirect, re-route and refocus our attention to the voice that matters.

If I could narrow my favorite subject down even more, I'd have to highlight my passion for moms! I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING MOMS! Long before I had even become one myself, I saw the struggle between being fashionable and functional. 

Functionality always seemed to win and I now understand just how easy it is to bow out to the seemingly irresistible pull of pony tails, jogging suits and sneakers.

As difficult as it can seem to remain faithful to investing in our appearance, the pressure all goes away when there is proper perspective. WE INVEST IN US, FOR US! We don't fight for the affirmation of those around us because we can never satisfy everyone's standard. But, when our focus is on Self-Love...  Well, there's a goal worth reaching towards! 

Through my lens, I like to introduce you, to you. It's amazing how much a person can lose sight of their own beauty. I love to see the light in a woman's eyes after she sees an image of herself. I absolutely LOVE giving them a gentle little reminder: *nudge nudge, wink wink* "Hey, you are beautiful! You always have been!"

This is my passion! Snap out of it woman! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! 

Now go to that mirror and tell yourself just how beautiful you are. Say it loud! Say it proud! Be your biggest cheerleader….if you won't, then who will?