How about a little introduction!


Hey there creatives! Today I decided to get a little personal with you all. This post will be about who I am, what I do, and why I do it. Lets dive in shall we?

First things first. Most of you may already know, my name is Yvonne Clark. Co-owner of Y.E.C. Creations. 

Fun facts about little ole' me:

  • In my free time, weirdly, I love to organize things and make lists. Lots of list's! 0_0 I am really a checklist lady. I put "Make checklist" on my checklist. Yes, I know :) 
  • I was born and raised in NJ, and we are still here building a family with our newest addition.
  • My favorite thing about myself, besides being a new mommy, is how versatile my creativity is. I'm not limited to just one medium, which allows me to express myself in more ways than one.

I decided to start blogging for a few different reasons; one of which being that I just graduated college and need a new method of written expression. I'm so used to having homework and papers to write, I really needed an outlet. However, the main reason I decided to start blogging, was to encourage women. I see women all over my social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) outlets that I feel could really benefit from a healthy dose of confidence. I blog for the the everyday woman... The woman who loves everything from beauty tips to crafting. I'm looking forward to my blog being inspirational and uplifting, humorous and real.

Some things to look forward to:

  • Our latest project, "Sometimes you just need a reminder." 

This project is really dear to my heart. I want to pull the media-soaked sheets from our eyes. You are beautiful the way you are NOW. Not a few pounds from now. Not a few outfits from now. You are beautiful. You are sexy. You have meaning. Everyone needs a reminder sometimes and I am honored and emboldened to be a catalyst in this regard. 

Other topics in the mean time:

  • Product reviews. I love finding new things that make my life easier or a little more trendy.
  • DIY projects
  • Food that I've found on Pinterest
  • Featured Bloggers
  • How to look great in EVERY picture you take!

And much more!


Overall, the one thing I'd like readers to take from my blog is the reality of freedom- freedom to live and to learn and to love and to be happy and human! I want you to be uplifted and to know that even with the hectic lives we all live, we should always make time to stop and smell the roses -  And if there aren't any around, log on to Pinterest and learn how to make them Darlings! ;)

Do you have any questions for me? Are there any topics or projects you want me to take on? Comment below and come follow as we take this journey together!