A Tale As Old As Time

"Tale as old as time, True as it can be, Barely even friends, Then somebody bends, Unexpectedly, Just a little change, Small to say the least, Both a little scared, Neither one prepared, Beauty and the Beast"


After 7 years of marriage and 13 years of courtship we could write a book on life and it's many ups and downs. But when I look at these photos, I can only reflect on how strong our bond has grown and how much love we have for one another. The story of love has captured audiences for years. As girls, we search for a fairy tale love, longing for the day that our Happily Ever After comes; Never considering that the Prince and Princess' story wasn't finished... It was only beginning. 

One of the greatest things about love - true love - is that it never changes... No matter what life throws at you! True love endures because it isn't "only" a feeling... I know what you're thinking; Well "what is love? Baby don't hurt me....." boom boom boom.... oh wait. You weren't thanking that? Lol. Well let me explain a little more... True love, though accompanied by warm, gooey, and intoxicating feeling, is more of a deep, committed and time-intensive work.

One of my favorite bible verses is Ecclesiastes 4:12, it says:

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Have you ever come in contact with a couple and you can just feel the love radiating from them? You just look at them and say "Man, I want that!" Well what you don't see is the stories that only they share. The heartache, the joy, the struggle, the overcoming of obstacles... The fire of life that has purified the treasure they share. I cannot speak for every couple you see, specifically, but I can tell our story. 

It was only when I started to see my husband through the lens of a mother that I finally knew what it was like to want the world for someone - And to weep at the thought of anyone hurting them in any way. After giving birth to our son, I understood what it meant to be a CHILD of God. I understood the strength and intentionality of a parent's love for their child. I began to understand that my husband wasn't just MY husband, but he was also God's son... A son whom He loves millions of times more then I could ever love my own son. I was able to fully see that without God guiding our marriage and being entangled in our lives - without Him being the beacon of light we strive for as we drift through the ocean of life together - our bond was fragile. 

These photos embody who we are. Our hurts. Our struggle. Our perseverance. Our love.  It's who we are... Who we are, right where we are! We exist in photos as a reminder of where we are now so that when we look back we can remember where we came from. #RememberWhoYouAre is not just a hashtag, it's a movement that should be a way of life.

We are The Clarks...  Imperfect, Fragile, Human, Hopeful, Resilient... In LOVE!

Who are you now? Who will you become?