Mother & Son Maternity Shoot

Micah & Mommy Photoshoot!

I'm so in love with these photos, I can't even express my excitement. I kept telling Ahmed (hubby), that I always wanted a high fashion maternity shoot. Unfortunately the camera guy was Ahmed so he couldn't be in the photos, but will you look at these beautiful memories I'll have forever. I mean REALLY! It was a birthday gift from him so he was willing to sacrifice being in the photos. 

Time is coming to a close with my big guy being the only child. At this moment in time we still don't know what we are having but what we know for sure is that Micah will soon be a big brother and all this only child loving he's been getting is coming to a close. *Tear*

Welp! At least we have some beautiful memories to look back on. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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