New Year, Baby!

Happy New Year Everyone!

My 2017 was such an emotional rollercoaster that I may not visit an amusement park at all this year out of fear of an adrenaline overload!  At times, I experienced so much joy, I felt I could just burst at the seams from excitement, enthusiasm and euphoria...  However, there were also moments that left me in tears so deep I almost felt the need to tread water.  But through all of that, I have learned an important lesson - "In everything, give thanks."  As amazing as any single moment can be, there may be calamity just around the corner.  So... give thanks.  In the same, regardless how devastating, deafening or deflating any tragedy may feel, your next smile, uncontrollable laugh and happy dance will be here before you know it.  So... Give!  Thanks!

I recently had a great opportunity to give thanks for a super joyful occasion - My beautiful baby sister just gave birth to her second child and first boy, the absolutely adorable Aram Reed!  Aram was born on New Year's Eve's Eve (December 30th doesn't sound as magical haha).  I was at a holiday party and got a text from her saying she was dilating and contracting about 4 mins apart!  My husband, our 2 babies and I headed directly to the hospital.  Hubby stayed in the car with our little one's and I went up.  I was in the room no more than 2 minutes before the doctor came in, checked her out and exclaimed "Well there he is!"  I'll spare you the ensuing details but just know it involved some wrestling moves, college basketball style coaching, a little impromptu cross-fit training and BAM - He Was Here!

My first shoot of 2018 is with my newest nephew, and if this is any indication of what I should expect this year, then Bring On The CUTENESS!!!  

Here a few images from our shoot;  Enjoy the CUTENESS and join me in Giving Thanks - beginning today and continuing everyday hereafter.

**Note my sister doesn't share photos of her children online so that's why you don't see the children's faces...  But I know you still get the abundance of CUTENESS :D**



1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.