Yaay! Snow Day!

When life give you snow, make snow angels!

The last time we had snow I really wanted to capture something magical.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a model and for some reason my biggest ideas seem to come at the most inopportune times.  So I buckled down, bundled up, grabbed my borrowed dress form and headed outside while hubby played with the kiddos, indoors.


I took this shot and immediately thought to myself "Man... I really wish I could get a model in this pose." After sulking for about 20 seconds, something clicked: "I'll just use the dress form for focus and photograph myself...duh!"  Excited, I sprinted inside, changed my outfit and threw on some lipstick (A little editing magic did the rest!) and proceeded to have a blast capturing these images!

yvonne snow 3.jpg
yvonne snow.jpg

Take Two!

After I posted these images to social media a few people responded saying that they would have braved the cold weather so I made a mental note.  Today we were dumped with what seemed like a foot of snow and a whole lot of wind;  I wasn't sure if any of my brave volunteers would be so willing this time around.  But fortunately, my friend Nikema doesn't live far and came over prepared and excited!  We only had about 30 mins before the sun went down but we hustled and were able to get a few gems!

OMG - I'm so happy to have been able to bring this vision to fruition in such a short time!  Don't they just take your breath away!!!!  OH I love these images!  She was such a trooper:  It felt like -10° outside but her smile would never tell you that.

Another couple of days into 2018 and yet another opportunity to #GiveThanks saw and seized!  

Which ones are your favorite?

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