5 Must Have Camera Basics for Newbies

Hey guys!  I’ve been getting a lot of questions on what camera and equipment would be best for started out on a photography journey and I decided to do quick blog post on what I think  would be a great way to start out.

  1. Camera - Duh right!? Disclaimer, I’m a Canon girl so I can only speak for what I use. I started my business with a Canon Rebel XTi. A friend of mine got an upgrade and just gifted it to me. I know right! Super lucky! You can totally find a used camera but I also see them going for around $200 bucks and that’s with a lens included, not the best lens but it will get the job done.

  2. Memory Card - These are used to save your images on the card then transfer to your computer. Starting out, I’d recommend about 32 or 64 GB size card. I also recommend keeping a spare or three in your camera bag just in you are in the middle of a project and your card gets full or malfunctions.

  3. Camera Bag - Speaking of a camera bag, you’ll want to get something to keep your things safe and in one place. Simple enough right?

  4. Tripod - These bad boys can cost upward of $1000! BUT all you need is a simple lightweight tripod that can run you about $20. I recommend getting a tripod while you’re learning to help with low light shots and it really comes in handy when you have to be your own test model :D

  5. Lens - Now this is optional, why? If you buy a starter kit that comes with a lens I would recommend sticking with that lens. 1. It’s included and one of the cheapest ways you’ll buy a lens. 2. It’ll be a zoom lens so you can practice with different focal lengths.

*Bonus* - 50mm prime lens - this style of lens can run you anywhere from $125 - $1350. I’d shoot for a 50mm f1/8 (The Nifty Fifty). I’ve seriously shot entire weddings and portrait sessions on a basic 50mm lens.

And there you have it! 5 (or so) camera basics for anyone who is interested in giving photography a try. You can find kits on amazon that has everything listed for about $269 and up. If you are really thinking about taking photography seriously I think starting here for learning is a great place to be. You can also check out discount sites where people are selling used cameras at a steep discount.

I hope this helps!

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