Studio Construction

Exciting news! Our studio construction has finally commenced. 

I cannot wait to debut the finished space. For those that got a sneak peek can tell you it is the perfect spot for capturing life's special moments. 

While this means we will not have access to shoot indoors it's the perfect season to get your beautifully landscaped and sunlit family photos! 

What a perfect time to gather your loved ones in your cute & casual coordinating looks and snap some photos. Outdoor sessions are some of my favorites for family portraits because they come across more raw and authentic. No need for the extra glitz and glam, let's let your natural smiles shine. A walk in the park with handing holding and laughs all around. 

You can take a peek at our standard family package and book yours HERE

Now let’s take a quick glamour journey of where we began!

The 2 bedroom apartment in 2015

1st Shooting Space
Carine-29bw copy.jpg

The tiny master bedroom of our 1st home in 2016

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes


And now to our latest shooting location, Mill One Warehouse in 2018

With my family along for the crazy ride!

My partner in crime

My partner in crime

Thank you so much for contenting to follow us on this journey! I hope to start sharing more of the behind the scenes things here on our little blog since my little humans are a little more independent now. :D

Let me know in the comments if hearing about the behind the scenes goings on of a homeschooling, business running wife and mama of two is interesting to you. ***whispers*** Between me and you… it AIN’T easy!

You can take a peek at our standard family package and book yours HERE