A Mother's Strength

For as long as I can remember, I've always had a heart for Mothers. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a "watcher."  Not in the weird "I'm watching you....always watching" kind of way. Lol. But I can be a very quiet person; The dictionary calls people like me Introverts. :D Whaaaatever!

Through my "watching," I've always appreciated the special relationships Mothers have with their children. There's a certain type of love there; A love I never quite comprehended until I felt the first movement of my own baby boy, Micah, in my belly. Every Mother knows exactly what I mean... It's almost as if your capacity to love is multiplied by INFINITY!

I am blessed to have a husband to help me raise and nurture our 1 (BUSY) child. I see women who work full-time-while-full-term, endure the pain of delivering a child, then head right back to work so they can provide for that child. I had one baby. Just. One! And I needed help for 3 whole months while healing from delivery. All Mothers are AMAZING and worthy of honor and admiration, but there is something awe-striking to be said about the strength of a single Mother! 

When I first started doing photography, I always dreamed to serve Mothers in ways that would pamper them. Over the past couple years I've been refining skills to focus on this very thing. I love the idea of treating Mothers like royalty for a day. I give them a gift that lasts a lifetime, not just for them to cherish, but for their family's to cherish with them and when they are gone.

We as Mothers tend to put our wants and needs on the back burner to take care of our loved ones; It's so easy to lose ourselves in everyday life. But Ladies, please hear me when I say It Is Extremely Important To Take Time For Ourselves! It's not only beneficial to us, but it ultimately works for the good of our families as well: "A well rested Mommy is a good Mommy!" It's necessary to treat yourself every once in awhile with whatever you like to do to relax, whether that's a spa day, a good book, shopping trip or even a photoshoot. *wink* *wink*

Meet Shannon, the image of beauty and strength. #BBB #HappyMothersHappyOthers

Meet Shannon, the image of beauty and strength. #BBB #HappyMothersHappyOthers

Every human needs a break and breath. Inasmuch as it may seem that we are superhuman, at times, we are unfortunately not; Stress and Fatigue are Kryptonite to us all! We've all heard the saying "Happy wife, happy life," but I want to take it a step further and say "Happy Mothers, Happy Others!" You owe it to your family to take care of yourself. The more you smile, the more they smile! And don't you just LOVE their smiles!!!


To all the Mothers out there, here's to you! We see you! We appreciate you! We love you! Happy Mother's Day ;D