Delicia's Senior Session

Ah, senior year. That special wrinkle in time...You'll have your lasts and get ready for some firsts. And later you will look back on it and remember it forever.

Our seniors did a Senior Questionnaire of sorts. I loved hearing all of their responses. The dreaming, the possibilities, the beaming fresh talents and current favorites, it's such a joyful time to capture through photos!

Let's learn a little bit about Delicia.

Name: Delicia Lewis
Nickname: Shae / Smiley
School: Trenton Central High School
Dream College: Delaware State
Favorite Food: Hot Wings
Favorite Musician: H.E.R
Favorite season: Fall
Favorite Quote: You only live once
Secret Talent: Dance
Would you rather watch the Movie or read the Book: Movie
When I grow up I wanna be…. Entrepreneur/ Choreographer

With each individual shoot, my goal was to give a glimpse into their current life as a Senior. That beautiful time as young adults when we're open to the immense possibilities for ourselves, exploring, learning, growing. But no matter where their path may lead them, these memories will be cherished and never forgotten! ENJOY!