Local Artist Photo Session

Recently we have had the pleasure of capturing the beauty of a young woman whose celebrity and influence in the city of Trenton, NJ is being used to inspire, challenge and motivate people all over! This young Mother, Singer/Songwriter, Entertainer and CEO & Founder of Emiija's HOPE - A non-profit program created to reach at risk teenage females in urban communities - is leveraging her success to give back to the very community that birthed her. 

She is Beautiful. She is Bold. She is Benevolent. 

She is Tash Jasmine!!

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As a photographer, there are times you capture an image that you just know is IT. After seeing it on the big screen during our viewing session all you heard were gasps. This images speaks volumes, it not only captures her beauty but also the strength and vulnerability of Tashanna. I posted the color photo to our Facebook page, but I felt torn because I felt the black and white image was also really powerful. What do you think?

Here are a few of the other beautiful images we captured that day.

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