one on one coaching

I specialize in Glamour style portraits including beauty, boudoir, personal branding, families and generations.  My studio is located in Hamilton, New Jersey.  Hourly and full-day one-on-one mentoring sessions are available and they are customized to your specific needs.  Choose from the mentoring services below and let’s get to work on taking your skills to the next level.


Camera 101

Personalized coaching session, customized to your specific needs. Our hourly coaching sessions will help you to capture beautifully balanced images. We will cover everything from finding the light, getting the correct exposure each time, and more!

  • 2 Hours: $200

  • $100 for every hour after

Business of Photography

This session is all about business! We will cover everything from how to identify your ideal client, selecting the right services, pricing, effective branding, marketing, using social media to your advantage, and more! A flexible curriculum that is modified to cover the areas that you need the most assistance. This session includes an updated headshot, session workbook & materials, all meals and snacks.

(roughly 3 hours)



Portrait Photography

Would you like to build your portfolio? Receive one-on-one coaching and assistance in my studio for a day with a portrait session set up just for you. This package includes: one model, hair and makeup artist, hors d’oeuvres and refreshments provided during the session. Coaching and assistance provided throughout the entire shoot.

(roughly 4 hours)


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Portfolio Building & Portrait Session

Receive customized training to learn how to build your portfolio and by enjoying the experience your clients will have, time and time again. What an incredible way to learn by immersing yourself in it! This Two-Day package includes everything outlined in the Portrait Photography coaching and Portrait Session packages. We will end each day recapping everything learned during your training.

(roughly 4 hours each day)